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Second Mortgage Broker Kingston

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As a mortgage broker specialising in second mortgages we see first hand how a second mortgage can be used to help people in all sorts of circumstances. We also get to see the dark side of the second mortgage industry where less than scrupulous financial institutions take advantage of people in sometimes difficult situations, and they sometimes end up calling us for help.

Put together the right way a second mortgage can be used in all sorts of life improving ways, from debt consolidation to liquidity problems to having the cash to do what you want right now without having to wait. If you’re one of the people thinking about taking out a second mortgage you need expert advice. There are all sorts of ramifications but done in the right way with a professional second mortgage broker who has your best interests at heart it’s a perfectly viable option and can improve your credit for the future.

First of all give us a call or complete the second mortgage “Contact Us” form below about your second mortgage requirements.  It will only take a few minutes to go over some key details with the call and or form being strictly confidential with no adverse affects on your credit score. Once we have some preliminaries we can determine if a second mortgage is right for you and proceed.

Second Mortgage Broker Kingston Information

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 Second Mortgage Example

Lender Product Interest






Major Bank Home Equity

Line Of


2.5% 650-900 25%




15% 550-700 10-15%





10% Less Than


Less Than




Second Mortgage Broker Kingston Ontario Questions

Second Mortgage or HELOC

Is a second mortgage right for me or would a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) be a better option? Second mortgages are sometimes called Home Equity Loans because they are secured against the equity you have in your home.

The good news is that if you are able to fulfill all the lender requirements to secure the second mortgage and you are able to meet the repayment payments a second mortgage is a great way to go for many people.

Ask yourself, why am I looking at a second mortgage? Is it to consolidate debt? Who can I ask about this without hurting my credit score? What’s the equity I have in my home? These are just a few of the questions you should ask. But don’t ask them at your bank!

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Second Mortgage Broker Benefits For You

We are government licensed mortgage and real estate agents. After a confidential preliminary discussion over the phone with you we will quickly determine the best option for you going forward. Using a mortgage broker gives you choice and flexibility over your bank. As your bank is tied to it’s own limited products and many are designed to tie you to the bank. We have access to a vast array of lenders that can save you money and give you more freedom in the future.

Second mortgages are not a death sentence. There are many reasons people may need a second mortgage and yes, many of them may not be great. But here we like to turn lemons into lemonade. You might be surprised to know that structuring a second mortgage the right way can help your credit rating in the short term.

Who knew!



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