Second Mortgage Kingston Member Benefits

Second Mortgage Broker Kingston

Member Benefits

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Member Benefits At A Glance

Real Estate

Free annual “Comparative Market Analysis” of your property.

Free ongoing renovation & capital investment advice.

Free “Home Staging” consultation when selling.

Free access to our Trusted Trades” catalogue.

free annual overall “Real Estate Market” newsletter.

24/7 access to our real estate website tools.


Free annual “Mortgage Review & Assessment”.

Worry free timely Mortgage Renewal” reminders.

Free or heavily discounted mortgage services.

Free annual “Mortgage Market Review” newsletter.

Free ongoing mortgage advice.

24/7 access to our mortgage website tools.

 Member Benefits Combined

Second mortgage broker Kingston is a part of Buy This Property Real Estate Kingston. By being a member you have access all the benefits listed above. When you combine the real estate and mortgage benefits the savings and potential windfalls are enormous.

There is a synergy between real estate and mortgage services that is compelling. It make sense to have a person who is both a licenced real estate agent and a licenced mortgage agent working on your behalf to optimise the purchase and or sale of your most valuable asset. The long term combination of both is a financial winner.

Second Mortgage Broker Kingston Information

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Member Benefits In Detail

Mortgage Benefits

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No Cost To You

Second mortgages are just one option that may be available to you. Our professional second mortgage brokerage services are free to you for most second mortgages and certainly standard mortgages.  How is it free? The banks pay us to do all the second mortgage work for them and as a result they pay us a fee for doing all that work. You can relax knowing a licensed independent second mortgage professional is working for you.

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We Pay You – Yes We Pay You!

As all second mortgages are different we have a sliding scale but the bottom line is that even with standard mortgages where you pay nothing for our professional services we pay you a percentage of the fee the banks pay us. So in a nut shell, you get independent, experienced professional second mortgage services when we arrange the best mortgage for you and in the end we pay you!

Why do we do this?

Simple. We believe it’s good business practice. When you see our work we think there’s a very good chance you will use all our services for the longer term for both real estate and mortgages. Either way you still get money back no one else will give you.

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Second Mortgage Revolutionary Synergie

For the first time in Ontario you can use a company that specialises in both real estate and second mortgage services. Your home is probably the most valuable purchase of your life. It makes sense to have an independent professional negotiating both purchase and financing. The ability to save you money and time in the short, medium and long terms is compelling.

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Second Mortgage Renewal Date Reminders

3 months before your second mortgage renewal date we will send you a reminder with a comprehensive overview of your possible options going forward. We are keen to keep your best interests at the forefront. Most people don’t realise there are options at this time and just sign back the documents to the bank. Never the wiser that they may have saved thousands of dollars and cut years off their second mortgage.

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Annual Second Mortgage Review

Every year on the anniversary of the purchase of your property we will send you a comprehensive second mortgage review. It will show you the state of your first and second mortgages and suggestions to further optimise them with reference to your long and short term financial goals. Even if you didn’t use our services to buy your home we will send you a CMA Comparative Market Analysis of your property. The importance of combining the two cannot be underestimated. Our annual second mortgage review becomes particularly important when the term of your loan is up. We will remind you.

Real Estate Benefits

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Annual CMA – Comparative Market Analysis

Every year on the anniversary of the purchase of your home we will send you a comparative market analysis of it’s current value. It makes sense to track and know what your most valuable asset is worth. If we are providing your mortgage services we will send you an assessment of your mortgage at the same time. The importance of combining the two cannot be underestimated.

The CMA will show you amongst other things what similar properties in your area have been selling for. This may influence your decision to add that new kitchen or perhaps take the advances made in home value and use that to sell and move up.

Buy This Property Real Estate Crown Moulding Photo

Ongoing Renovation Advice

Having a professional real estate agent a phone call away to advise on such things as let’s say, the merits of a new kitchen is a valuable service. Most people overcapitalise on kitchen renovations. We’re here to advise you based on the big picture. Is this your forever home? Do you plan to move in the years to come? Is your mortgage up for renewal soon?

We work with you to know and understand your short, medium and long term goals. By combining your real estate and mortgage (financial) goals we are able help you feel comfortable making the sensible financial or emotional decision.

Buy This Property Real Estate Home Staging Photo.

Free Home Staging Consultation

Home staging can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the property. Being active real estate agents we know what sells and during the selling process with you, a free home staging consultation is part of the services we provide our members.

If you need more than just some careful arranging of furniture then we will be happy to recommend a number of contractors like painters. People who’s work we know and are confident recommending to one our valued customers.

Buy This Property Real Estate Tiler With Level Photo.

Trusted Service Professionals

If you can’t find the right tradesperson for that plumbing job or need someone for a kitchen renovation we will be happy to put you in touch with the vetted professionals that make our list. We will always recommend at least two people in a certain trade so you may make the final decision without bias.

We do this because finding good people these days is difficult and being in real estate we see the quality or lack thereof each day from tradespeople we encounter. Only the best make it to our list and it is available to our members. Although every effort is made to assure the quality of these people we do not guarantee their work but are confident you will be happy. The last thing we want is to lose a customer because of the work of a third party.

Buy This Property Real Estate Service Light Photo.

Long Term After Sales Service

We don’t forget about you once we’ve sold you a home or property. It is our goal to meet your long term real estate and mortgage needs. So you will hear from us at least once a year with your CMA and mortgage update. But if for example one of our goals when we met you was to improve you credit score and a product or the timing comes available to improve on that goal.

Then we will be in touch sooner. You can sleep well at night knowing that your real estate and mortgage needs are being monitored every day and that if we find something that better serves your needs we will let you know.

Buy This Property

Peace Of Mind

 We hope all of the above free services will help you enjoy what matters in life.

Thank You.


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