Second Mortgages Kingston Ontario

Second Mortgages Kingston

Is A Second Mortgage Right For You

Real Estate Mortgages Kingston Ontario Information

Thinking About Second Mortgages Kingston

Second mortgages are one of things people fear financially the most. They have a bad reputation, rightly and wrongly deserved. If you are one of the people thinking about taking out a second mortgage you need expert advice. There are all sorts of ramifications but done in the right way with an expert who has your best interests at heart it’s a perfectly viable option.

Second mortgages Kingston are a specialty of ours. Don’t go to your bank first. Call us for a confidential talk about your second mortgage options. It costs nothing, there are no downsides for you. Get independent experienced advice and know what all your options are.

Second Mortgages Kingston Information

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Real Estate Kingston Ontario Questions

Do You Need A Second Mortgage

Ask yourself, why am I looking at a second mortgage? Is it to consolidate debt? Who can I ask about this without hurting my credit score? What’s the equity I have in my home? These are just a few of the questions you should ask. But don’t ask them at your bank!

We are government registered mortgage and real estate agents. Firstly, all we do is have a preliminary discussion over the phone with you before doing anything that might affect your credit score. Once we determine if a second mortgage is the best of many possible options we then put all that together for you.

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Benefits For You

Second mortgages are not a death sentence. There are many reasons people may need a second mortgage and yes, many of them may not be great. But here we like to turn lemons into lemonade. You might be surprised to know that structuring a second mortgage the right way can help your credit rating in the short term. Who knew!



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